About Us

If you are not maintaining, renovating and investing in the upkeep and appearance of your home…..it can quickly and easily grow outdated and substantially decrease in its value. So why wait until you are ready to sell and put your house on market to update or remodel? A move the next homeowners will surely appreciate. REMODEL NOW!

Remodel and update your home for you and your family to enjoy….do it for yourself. Whatever your renovation needs, we take pride in our impeccable workmanship and will strive to meet all of your dreams and expectations for your home. We have a passion for superior quality craftsmanship as well as a goal of excellence in Customer Service and customer satisfaction. The biggest obstacle in remodeling and updating your home is choosing the best contractor. ….the first and most important decision of the project. From kitchen renovations all the way to bathroom remodeling…Contractors USA will get you the right contractor for your specific individual needs.



You should check out any contractor that you consider using to make sure they are licensed. You should ask your local contractor for a copy of his license.


Ask your local contractor for a copy of their worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Worker’s compensation insurance covers any workmen during the process of re-siding your home. Because workers will be working on ladders and scaffolding high above the ground, the risk of one of them falling and being injured can be very real. A company’s worker’s compensation insurance policy is another layer of protection for you so you don’t get sued by an injured worker.

Liability Insurance covers any damage the company may cause to your home or property or a neighbor’s property during the process of re-siding your home. Mistakes can happen. Ask your local company for a copy of their Liability Insurance policy.

Better Business Bureau

You should check out any company with your local Better Business Bureau. You can get unbiased reports on any company and more importantly, you can find out if any complaints have been filed against
them by other homeowners.